Pricing / Costs

Check out the Office of International Program website for more information on funding your study abroad.

We’ve been working hard to make sure every expense adds value to the experience. We want our students to get the most for their money. Our current projected cost per student (based on 18 students on the trip) is 2645$.

Here’s a rough idea of how that total breaks down:

  • Tuition for the Chinese language class: $160
  • Housing at our host university: $245
  • The Beijing trip (includes some meals): $700
  • All weekend excursions (includes all meals): $650
  • Instructor support: $690
  • Office of International Programs admin fee: $100
  • Student health insurance: $50

Once you account for funding from OIP and the English Department, you get the figure listed above. These are projected costs, so this is what we have budgeted for; however, we should note that these costs could change (up or down) before our departure—though we don’t expect major fluctuations.

That’s just about everything. There aren’t as many “extra costs” with this program as there can be with others, but here are a few things you’ll need to cover on your own:

  • Airfare ($1400-$2000)
  • Passport and visa ($150)
  • Food while we’re in China (except for meals covered on weekend excursions and some meals in Beijing) ($200-$500)
  • UNCW tuition for the ENG 294 class (and related materials)
  • Transportation around Nanjing

A word about airfare: Right now we are planning on having you purchase your own tickets. This way you can work on getting the price you want or even use points if you have any available. You can easily track airfare at As we get closer, we will work with you to help you get the best price possible. Do not buy your tickets until the class has filled in the Spring. If we have enough people to commit earlier, we can negotiate group airfare. To do this, we would need deposits by January or February.

And that’s the scoop on the financial side of things. Remember, we’re not accountants, nor are we able to see the future (sadly)–this is the most complete information we have available to us right now, but things could slightly change. Rest assured that the UNCW Office of International Programs is working with us and carefully checking all aspects of our budget. They will have final approval before you sign a check, and if things change, we will do everything we can to keep you posted on those changes.


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