About the Leaders

Lance Cummings and Rebecca Warfield are experienced international travelers and UNCW instructors

Lance Cummings has extensive experience abroad. He has participated in several trips as either an undergraduate or graduate assistant, including Mexico, Poland, and Russia. He also spent a year teaching English in Poland and has traveled independently throughout Europe. While at Miami University of Ohio, Lance taught several ESL writing classes to Chinese international students, trained instructors in ESL writing, and led several field trips for Chinese students to Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. He has done extensive research into comparative rhetoric and intercultural communication, often focusing on China.

Rebecca Warfield has extensive domestic and international travel experience. Internationally, she has traveled to Belgium, England, France, Spain, Israel, Palestine, India, Costa Rica, and Mexico. As a volunteer, she has taught English in India. As a student, many of her travels were UNCW funded. Additionally, Ms. Warfield has worked with many of OIP’s ESL students. Thus, she understands the value and expectations of a study abroad. And her experiences have prepared her for the unexpected challenges of traveling, learning, teaching, and communicating in a foreign country. Her experiences traveling and with international students has prepared her to both travel with UNCW students and to teach the diverse group of students expected that are expected to partake in this year’s trip to China.




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