China Looks Great on a Résumé



There are a lot of reasons to go to China. I truly believe that travel to China changes you, in a fundamental way, in ways that are hard to name, hard to quantify. I know China changed me.

But, there are also much more tangible ways travel in China can benefit you.

(Jobs, anyone?)

Take this from Mark Tutton, writing for CNN:

“Washington University’s Olin Business School runs an executive MBA program at Fudan University in Shanghai. Managing director Patrick Moreton told CNN, ‘We know China is likely to be one of the most significant centers of economic growth in the next 50 years.

“‘For that reason, knowing how to do business here, being connected to the business community and knowing how to solve its problems are very good skills to have.'”

And this:

“Cherie Scricca oversees the USC Marshall School of Business global executive MBA in Shanghai. She told CNN that working in China can be a valuable experience for Westerners.

“‘China is growing so fast, and not just economically. There are so many changes politically and socially.

“‘Anytime you can be involved in a place that’s growing so fast in so many different dimensions — and be there in the early stages — it’s exciting and it can only do wonderful things for you.'”


To read the whole article, click here.

How would experience with China–its language and culture–look on your résumé?

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