VaccinationsHowdy, folks! Erin here. Michelle and I had such a wonderful time at our first info session last night. Thanks to all the beautiful people who were able to make it out! If you couldn’t make it, no worries–we’ll most likely have another info session next semester, and Michelle and I will be meeting with students individually and in small groups (coffee, anyone?) until then to answer any questions you have (or just enjoy some caffeine together and gush about how awesome it’s going to be to go to China).

One of the questions that came up last night was about vaccinations. What kind of shots (gasp!) do you need before we travel abroad? And when should you start those?

Here’s what the CDC recommends for travel in China: Health Information for Travelers to China

Check that out and talk to your doctor about what you need and when you should get that taken care of. If there are vaccinations you’ll need, the fabulous thing is that then, your next adventure abroad gets that much easier!

When I went to China back in 2008, I didn’t need any shots, but when I went to Congo in 2009, there was a huge list of vaccinations I needed. I got shots in both arms–I think three in one, four in the other, and I left with a prescription for an oral Typhoid vaccine and malaria pills. Honestly, I can’t even remember any pain associated with that, but I do remember feeling like the coolest person ever for having gotten so many shots. I felt like a “real traveler” at last (haha!). And the next time I went to Congo? I just got a flu shot and got on the plane. I sort of felt like Super Woman.

So, there are some thoughts for today on vaccines. Lovely topic for a Friday, right?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend,

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