Okay, let’s chat.

You say: Erin and Michelle. Where on earth are you taking me?

We say: Nanjing University of Science and Technology, of course.

You say: Whaaa?

Rest assured, we are not taking you to some random Chinese university. In fact, the English Department at UNCW has been building a really exciting relationship with NUST for a while now, but if you’re not an English major, you’re forgiven for missing the memo.

The UNCW English Department has a dual degree program with NUST, and this semester we’ve welcomed the first group of Nanjing students into the program! They’ve already finished two years of schooling at NUST, and they will finish their studies at UNCW, graduating in two years with a degree from each university. In addition to our undergrads, several visiting teachers and graduate students have been to Wilmington to study in the English Department.

Our department chair Dr. Don Bushman and Dr. Keith Newlin have both been to Nanjing as part of this relationship. Last year, Dr. Newlin and his wife Robin spent a month in Nanjing, teaching and traveling and eating wonderful food.

Let’s pause in our story for some quick background info. NUST has a well-established summer study program that universities from around the world participate in. Students from all over come to Nanjing to learn Chinese language and culture while living on campus.

Next summer, we will be the very first group from UNCW to visit Nanjing and take part in their summer program.

It can be overwhelming for some people to think about packing up and heading to China, but the great thing about this trip is we’re well connected with both Americans and Chinese nationals who live in and around the city. We know our host university well, and we know Chinese nationals who are living in Nanjing right now. Dr. Newlin and Robin will be back in Nanjing next year during our stay as well. In addition to our contacts at the university and in Nanjing, Erin has American expat friends who live and work in a city about an hour away from Nanjing.

Have a fabulous day.

Much love,
Erin and Michelle

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