Website Updated!

Though we are still firming up the itinerary and some of the pricing, I’ve updated the website to reflect our Summer 2015 trip! Feel free to email me with any questions: See the video below for instructions on how to start the application process. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you have a valid passport. See UNCW passport services for this.

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Stay tuned for updates!

Yes! The paperwork is in. The English department is going to Nanjing, China again! Lance Cummings, Asst. Prof. in English, and Rebecca Warfield, Lecturer in English, will be the instructors this year, and we’ve got some exciting plans … and we’re working hard to cut down the cost of the program for you.

Talk to any of the students from the last trip and they’ll tell you that it was wonderful. So we’ll be keeping many of the activities the same. Stay tuned for updates on this website. Meanwhile, here’s a video to give you a taste.


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Things Are Getting Real, Y’all…


Happy 2014 everyone! And happy beginning to Spring ’14! We have hit the ground running, to borrow an overused phrase. (But, seriously, running in high heels really hasn’t been all that comfortable this week.) (The high-heel reference was about Erin, in case you were wondering.) (You had probably already figured that out.)

At any rate, here’s the deal. To lock in the ticket price we were quoted when developing our budget, we’ve got to have a headcount and a list of names to give the travel agency by the end of this month. Which sounds like a long way away, until you realize that the deadline, January 27th, is one week from Monday.

Holy smokes!

Here’s the phenomenal news: As of this morning (Thursday, January 16), we have twenty students who have begun applications.


That’s five more than we had budgeted for–which is a very, very good thing.

Our challenge now is to get every single person to finish the application and pay the deposit by Monday, January 27th, so we can lock in those tickets.

So, if you’ve started your application, go ahead and finish it. If you were thinking about applying but got caught up in the whirlwind that was end-of-Fall-semester-’13, best get cracking! The application process is online and should be fairly painless. Go here and look up our program.

Remember, all we need from you right now is an application, a deposit of $225, and a UNCW transcript. The deposit and transcript are due in person at the Office of International Programs, which is in Friday Annex (the white building behind the little greenhouse).

All right, that’s it for now. Have a super first week!

Much love,
Erin & Michelle

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China Looks Great on a Résumé



There are a lot of reasons to go to China. I truly believe that travel to China changes you, in a fundamental way, in ways that are hard to name, hard to quantify. I know China changed me.

But, there are also much more tangible ways travel in China can benefit you.

(Jobs, anyone?)

Take this from Mark Tutton, writing for CNN:

“Washington University’s Olin Business School runs an executive MBA program at Fudan University in Shanghai. Managing director Patrick Moreton told CNN, ‘We know China is likely to be one of the most significant centers of economic growth in the next 50 years.

“‘For that reason, knowing how to do business here, being connected to the business community and knowing how to solve its problems are very good skills to have.'”

And this:

“Cherie Scricca oversees the USC Marshall School of Business global executive MBA in Shanghai. She told CNN that working in China can be a valuable experience for Westerners.

“‘China is growing so fast, and not just economically. There are so many changes politically and socially.

“‘Anytime you can be involved in a place that’s growing so fast in so many different dimensions — and be there in the early stages — it’s exciting and it can only do wonderful things for you.'”


To read the whole article, click here.

How would experience with China–its language and culture–look on your résumé?

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VaccinationsHowdy, folks! Erin here. Michelle and I had such a wonderful time at our first info session last night. Thanks to all the beautiful people who were able to make it out! If you couldn’t make it, no worries–we’ll most likely have another info session next semester, and Michelle and I will be meeting with students individually and in small groups (coffee, anyone?) until then to answer any questions you have (or just enjoy some caffeine together and gush about how awesome it’s going to be to go to China).

One of the questions that came up last night was about vaccinations. What kind of shots (gasp!) do you need before we travel abroad? And when should you start those?

Here’s what the CDC recommends for travel in China: Health Information for Travelers to China

Check that out and talk to your doctor about what you need and when you should get that taken care of. If there are vaccinations you’ll need, the fabulous thing is that then, your next adventure abroad gets that much easier!

When I went to China back in 2008, I didn’t need any shots, but when I went to Congo in 2009, there was a huge list of vaccinations I needed. I got shots in both arms–I think three in one, four in the other, and I left with a prescription for an oral Typhoid vaccine and malaria pills. Honestly, I can’t even remember any pain associated with that, but I do remember feeling like the coolest person ever for having gotten so many shots. I felt like a “real traveler” at last (haha!). And the next time I went to Congo? I just got a flu shot and got on the plane. I sort of felt like Super Woman.

So, there are some thoughts for today on vaccines. Lovely topic for a Friday, right?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend,

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Okay, let’s chat.

You say: Erin and Michelle. Where on earth are you taking me?

We say: Nanjing University of Science and Technology, of course.

You say: Whaaa?

Rest assured, we are not taking you to some random Chinese university. In fact, the English Department at UNCW has been building a really exciting relationship with NUST for a while now, but if you’re not an English major, you’re forgiven for missing the memo.

The UNCW English Department has a dual degree program with NUST, and this semester we’ve welcomed the first group of Nanjing students into the program! They’ve already finished two years of schooling at NUST, and they will finish their studies at UNCW, graduating in two years with a degree from each university. In addition to our undergrads, several visiting teachers and graduate students have been to Wilmington to study in the English Department.

Our department chair Dr. Don Bushman and Dr. Keith Newlin have both been to Nanjing as part of this relationship. Last year, Dr. Newlin and his wife Robin spent a month in Nanjing, teaching and traveling and eating wonderful food.

Let’s pause in our story for some quick background info. NUST has a well-established summer study program that universities from around the world participate in. Students from all over come to Nanjing to learn Chinese language and culture while living on campus.

Next summer, we will be the very first group from UNCW to visit Nanjing and take part in their summer program.

It can be overwhelming for some people to think about packing up and heading to China, but the great thing about this trip is we’re well connected with both Americans and Chinese nationals who live in and around the city. We know our host university well, and we know Chinese nationals who are living in Nanjing right now. Dr. Newlin and Robin will be back in Nanjing next year during our stay as well. In addition to our contacts at the university and in Nanjing, Erin has American expat friends who live and work in a city about an hour away from Nanjing.

Have a fabulous day.

Much love,
Erin and Michelle

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The Brochure Goes Live!

Drum roll, please…

The official brochure is live!

And so is the application page!

We’re pleased as punch.

To see our brochure, click here: Brochure

To apply, click here: Apply (Search “China” and “Faculty-Led” and you’ll see us!)


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